Tracking and logging tasks in the workplace is a powerful instrument in any assessment process.
When the work tasks are written in workplace language, mapped to unit outcomes and validated by the supervisor you win on several fronts.

Here's how it works:

  •  Assessors work in conjunction with the workplaces to build a list of tasks the apprentice will be undertaking;
  •  The tasks are then easily mapped to the training plan requirements using eWorkLog's mapping engines;
  •  The students log tasks and associated 'range' items when they've completed them at work;
  •  Their supervisor reviews their work and provides feedback on their progress;
  •  The assessor views all the detail as part of formative assessment.

Obviously eWorkLog connects the assessor, supervisor and student online and as always - everything is tracked and mapped to unit detail.

We've prepared four short you tube videos on this feature




Building a course and Tasks:

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