The Work Lab's surveys bring one of the key tools of the professional world of social research to our customers. Using a highly unique skill set from the academic fields of sociology, psychology, business and computer science, The Work Lab's research services present depth of experience and professional rigour to the uncovering of new ideas and approaches to creating a positive change.

Our service is quick, highly professional and entirely focused on providing you with the research responses you require.


Our approach to any assignment always starts with listening to your needs. We then add our 26 years of combined experience in this field to assist you to choose a research process that will best yield the outcomes you seek. Our services can be staged from research design and the development of an appropriate methodology, to equipping you with smart tools and analysis to conduct your research.

Our online survey service uses a dedicated online server, allowing us to collect as many results as you need — quickly, easily and efficiently. We can then give you the data, or we can analyse it for you: producing tables of results, analysis and graphs of relevant statistics.

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