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The Work Lab is an innovative social and market research organisation, with a strong focus on education, training, industry and workforce development.

Research Expertise

Literature reviews and report

  • Access to online databases such as Business Source Premier, Proquest and Informit.
  • Qualitative analysis of literature using Nvivo.

Environmental Scans

Key stakeholder analysis and interviews

Questionnaire and Survey Design

  • Online surveys
  • Mail Outs
  • Optimal response rates
  • Data entry

Workforce profiling and job analysis

  • Skills audits
  • Gap analysis
  • Position benchmarking

Statistical Analysis

  • Univariate and multivariate analysis using SPSS
  • Cdata and Mapinfo interoperability

Systems ‘Dynamic’ Modeling

  • Skill shortages and training demand profiles
  • Skills and labour requirements across industry supply chains


  • Literature reviews
  • Environmental scans
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Recommendations

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Licenced data intermediary

Skill Stores

The Work Lab has been involved from day one with whole of State labour market initiatives including Skilling Solutions Queensland, the Victorian Skills Store initiative, Small Business Solutions and Tradeset (457 migrant assessments).

Skills Assessment

Our products help identify and maintain skills, for individuals and businesses.

Training Assessment Systems

Our research and consultancy activity lead us to the conclusion that skills need a rethink. We established, what has become a separate business, Australia’s first Skills Passport underpinned by the entire national suite of competencies and qualifications.

Case Studies

Skilling Solutions


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