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Published Reports

“Thanks for your outstanding work on this.  It was an exceptional job.” (Dean Winter, Executive Officer, TasICT)

“This is an excellent report, very well researched, written and compiled. The action plan flowing out from it will indeed help our sector grow its workforce in-line with future needs/opportunities for our sector whilst making us a career of choice for all young people.” (Bjarke Porsbo-Pedersen, CEO Anderson Morgan)

“I have read the report and it is really excellent”. (Michelle Harwood, Project Manager, Tasmanian Transport Industry Workforce Plan)

A sample of our commissioned reports:


Tasmanian Renewable Energy Workforce Plan 2020-2027

Tasmanian Transport Industry Workforce Plan 2020-2025


Tasmanian Mining Industry Workforce Plan 2019-2023

Tasmanian Civil Construction Workforce Plan 2019-2023


Engineers in global supply chains

Engineers Workforce Plan

King Island Employment Hub


King Island Workforce Plan


Tourism Employment Plan NW Tasmania


Evaluation of the Small Business Project

Tasmanian Transport Industry Workforce Plan


Fruit Industry Workforce Plan – Phase 1

ICT Industry Workforce Plan 2014 – 18

Victorian Licensed Qualification Register

Enterprise Centres Tasmania and Skills Training


Development of a competency framework for the AgriFood industry

Tasmanian Workforce Intelligence Report


Review of Adult Literacy support programs 


Review of Australian School Based Apprenticeships 


Transport and Logistics Business Health Check Survey


Dairy Industry Skills Plan  

Skill Shortage Decision Response Framework 

Regional Skills Profile – North East Tasmania


Security of Payment   

National Aged Care ICT Readiness Survey

Automotive Training Demand Profile


Huon Valley and Bruny Island Regional Profile 

Innovation in Design Education  

Transaction Manager  

Managed Health Networks 


Review of CPD Schemes for the Building and Property Industry NSW 

ICT Framework – Design for a National Technology Training Package 

Review of the National Sport & Recreation Training Packages 

Training, Business and Demographic Skills Profile of the West Coast of Tasmania 

Skills required for licenses in the National Community and Health Industry 

Training Demand Profile of the Tasmanian Forestry and Forest Products Industry 

Feasibility Study into an Arts Incubator in Tasmania 

An Evaluation of The Brotherhood of St Laurence’s Socialisation Programs 

Electronic Communication Pathways for the National Pharmacy Industry  

The National Manufacturing Industry Strategic Skills Plan  

Smarter Small Business Project 


An analysis of small business attitudes to business compliance for the Victorian Government 

An analysis of corporate culture and training needs within a major National Aged Care provider 


An analysis of IT uptake issues within the General Practitioner and Specialist Sector  

Why do pharmacists use software – a segmentation of user types  

An in-depth IT audit of businesses on the northwest coast of Tasmania    

Refine your search for better results: An evaluation of the Information Technology New Apprenticeship Scheme 

Office of Post Compulsory Education and Training, Hobart

National VET Plan for the Australian Printing Industry