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Skills Assessment

Our products help identify and maintain skills, for individuals and businesses.

Personal Skills Assessments

The Work Lab has developed software for personal skills assessment in the training and employment markets. This self assessment software is based on solution focused counselling methodologies that promote the recognition and development of personal strengths and competence. Through using the Skills Assessment software, clients can identify their personal strengths, career goals and pathways into employment.

Business Skills Assessments

Business skill assessments are managed by a process called ‘gap analysis’.  This is a two staged process made easy with our software.  Firstly, a competency and skill based position description is developed and then incumbents of those positions are invited to assess themselves against the job description.  The incumbent’s self assessment is reviewed by their supervisor and the resultant strengths and gaps are reported dynamically.  The process is fast, wizard driven and provides real time training needs analysis – enabling businesses to easily mange their skills base and training requirements.

The Work Lab also has a software application to assess skill gaps at a macro level in small business, as well as medium to large enterprises. This software identifies just-in-time training needs and supports competency based human resource management practices.

Small Business Health Check

The Small Business Health Check identifies training and development needs in a business planning context. The Small Business Health Check is used by the Queensland Government Small Business Solutions service.