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Training Assessment Systems

Our research and consultancy activity lead us to the conclusion that skills need a rethink. We established, what has become a separate business, Australia’s first Skills Passport underpinned by the entire national suite of competencies and qualifications.

Skillsbook® is the only assessment system in Australia.  It has been supporting assessment processes for over a decade and has been used in 400,000 assessments.

We get a ‘wow’ response from assessors and training managers when they see how easy it is to map assessments to training package content.

Build every type of assessment instrument and method directly in Skillsbook®, map it straight to unit content and say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and ‘fingers crossed’ approaches to compliance.

So if you assess students using ANY or ALL of the strategies below, then the facility to put the entire process online is at your fingertips:

  • Your students upload evidence of their choice against elements of competency or
  • You provide direction on what evidence is required
  • You give students worksheets
  • You set assignments
  • You test skills and knowledge
  • You observe tasks in the workplace
  • Your students log tasks in the workplace
  • Your students do a self assessment
  • You interview your students
  • You involve the supervisor